Kinect Star Wars Game Review

Star Wars Game Kinect

The anticipated Star Wars Kinect game has now arrived. Find out if the force is strong with this one.

The Star Wars Kinect game release date is April 3rd 2012. This can be bought as a standalone game or is included in a R2-D2 limited edition Xbox Kinect bundle.

This is one of the Kinect games that have watered the mouths of many a Star Wars fan, hoping this game would be the definitive one to own. To be able to act out your Jedi Knight fantasies was always an alluring prospect. We will find out in this Star Wars Kinect game review if it lives up to what you might expect.

Star Wars Kinect Video Game

The game has several different modes with the main campaign making up most of it. This allows playing through some different well known Star Wars moments. These include Lightsaber fights, a speeder bike chase and an attack on a Death Star.

There is an interesting game mode where you get to control a huge Rancor beast. Here you get to demolish your environment by stomping and throwing things around which kids may find great fun.

The unusual mode of a dance game comes as a bit of surprise. Although the dancing works fine, there will be a few adult fans wondering what on earth possessed the people who made the game, to include such a thing.

The best game mode has to be the pod racing. This captures the feel of the intense fast racing that you saw in Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace. The hands free controls work well for this and easily make this the stand out moment of the Star Wars game for Kinect.

Star Wars Kinect Game Overview

It has to be said that the game is more suited to a younger audience. There are some control issues with the game, especially with the campaign mode and the game may not feel as polished as you would expect. That's not to say it's a bad game, there are some good moments to be had and it does utilise the Star Wars universe. This Star Wars Kinect game may not be the one hardened gamers were looking for, but treat it as a family game and it can be fun.