Xbox LIVE Indie Game Websites is not a review or news site, but a portal to the world of Xbox Indies on the internet. The content for news and reviews comes from the sites listed below. Site may cover more than just Xbox Indie Games, and we recommend everyone to checkout them out!

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Gamergeddon is a console gaming based news site which covers Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and Wii. We also have a Xbox Indie Games section including a weekly compilation video of the games releases and written trial impressions as well as full reviews of the games.

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Armless Octopus is a website dedicated to covering Xbox Live Indie Games, but we’ve been known to dabble in PC and XBLA games as well. The Indie Marketplace is an imposing wasteland of vibrating controller gimmicks and avatar dance parties, but hidden inside that abyss of garbage is a plethora of innovative and retro-style games that are inexpensive and a lot of fun.  We sift through the muck and help you decide what is worth checking out.

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JPR's Nerd Depository - Weekly re-caps of what Xbox Live Indie Games came out every Sunday with full reviews all through out the week!

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theXBLIG aims to tackle XBLIG reviews with a refreshingly abridged style, laying out the bullet points, the merits and flaws of a game, while adding a layer of humor, a dash of movie quotes and/or social commentary, simmer for a bit, then cool and serve… er, publish, in 500 words or less. The goal isn’t necessarily to get you out of one review and on to the next, but to adhere to the modern adage of ‘time is money’ …or MSP, in this case. The faster you learn a verdict, the faster you can get back to playing.

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Writings of Mass Deduction purchases and reviews an Xbox Live Indie Game every day, seeking out the quality titles that got lost in the shuffle and are not well represented in the top 50 lists on the Xbox Dashboard.

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The most read Xbox Live Indie Game centered website in the world. Kairi Vice, the Indie Gamer Chick, offers highly opinionated, often hilarious, brutally honest reviews of the latest XBLIGs, plus opinions on the scene, editorials from game developers, and some of the most biting commentary you'll find anywhere. Developers have learned to fear her, but the community has come to respect her. As she always says, "Try not to Cry."

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Simon's XBLIG Recommendations is a site where the best picks of Xbox indie games are reviewed. If you're after reviews or recommendations for the highest quality XBLIG games this is the place to visit.

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XBLA & XBLIG Ratings covers XBLA and XBLIG with news and developer interviews.  We also have a database of XBLA and XBLIG titles and users can leave reviews on their favorite games.

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Give Us This Day Our Daily Game is not for everyone, but then again what indie game is? One time a member of the creators club, but now reflecting from a detached viewpoint upon the state of XBLIG, and of course the nature of the gameplay contained therein, Our Daily Game's creator does not post daily, instead a posting is made whenever any game tickles his fancy. Or when a game just needs to be written about.

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Extra Guy is a website that specializes in covering games by indie developers and publishers. We strive to highlight the creativity and originality often found in projects by created smaller studios and independent teams. While not directly focused on the Xbox Live Indie scene, a good portion of our coverage comes from games on Microsoft's service.

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Gear Fish hauls in the latest Indie releases every week for a quick run-down, with in-depth coverage for the truly transient and the abysmally awful to let you know what's worth checking out. In addition, we also try to give some love (or lack thereof) to some of the major releases out there. Our reviews cast off the arbitrary scores used by every other site in favor of a different arbitrary metric: American dollars.

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