About XboxIndies.com

XboxIndies.com is a portal to the world of Xbox Live Indie Games (XBLIG) on the internet. We collect the latest in news and reviews from sites that cover XBLIG. XboxIndies.com is not affiliated with Microsoft in any way; this is a fan and community run site.

Xbox LIVE Indie Games (aka XBLIG)

Xbox LIVE Indie Games is a distribution channel on the Xbox LIVE Marketplace where independent and hobby game developers can sell their games to Xbox LIVE users. It sits as a sibling to Xbox LIVE Arcade on the Xbox LIVE Marketplace.

This video shows off a few of the many awesome games on the service:

Site History

The original XboxIndies.com website was created by then XNA MVP Nick Gravelyn.  In late 2009 Nick was called to the mother ship and now works at Microsoft on the XNA team.  As part of the change, Nick had to step away from running XboxIndies.com.  The site was dormant until in early 2011 the crew at FuncWorks, who are XNA developers themselves and run GameMarx.com, had a new idea for a XBLIG portal site that would be resource on all thing Xbox Indie.  Nick was kind to let us use his former site as our new home!


XNA (or more properly XNA Game Studio) is the technology used by developers to produce the games on Xbox LIVE Indie Games. If you are a developer, head over to the App Hub to find links to the tools, samples, and the developer forums.

Site Data

All of the data on the site can be accessed via RSS or XML/CSV and may be used freely on other sites or in applications. An example is the XBLIG Companion app for Windows Phone, iOS, and Android by Eleventy-Aught Twelve Studios. Look for the orange RSS icon or XML/CSV links on game pages to get started.